January 6, 2024

Yappier Hour


Unleash outdoor fun at Yappier Hour – Boston’s ultimate weekly gathering for hotel guests and local dog owners! Join Benny, our Director of Pet Relations, on our outdoor patio, where cocktails flow, music plays, and furry friends of all kinds are warmly welcomed. Embrace the season with your pups at The Liberty Hotel, proudly known as Boston’s premier dog-friendly destination. Yappier Hour takes place every Wednesday (weather permitting) at 5:30pm in The Yard and are oftentimes accompanies by dog-friendly vendors such as Farmina Pet Food, Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa, Boston Animal Hospital, JP Licks, and have treats from Wellness Pet Food. Yappier Hour will take place until the end of October, where our last on of the season is Halloween-themed.

If you are a pet-friendly vendor and want to attend Yappier Hour, we would love to have you! Please email val.sig@libertyhotel.com for more information.


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