April 13, 2018

Music at The Liberty – Whole Note Wednesdays & More

As a Liberty Hotel guest, you’ve got front-row seats for Liberty Affairs, our weekly lineup of arts and culture programming that’s open to hotel guests and visitors alike. With events that range from musical performances to art exhibits, Liberty Affairs brings some of Boston’s most exciting events right to your hotel.

Whole Note Wednesdays at the Liberty Hotel

If you love live music, we hope you’ll join us in the Liberty Bar for Whole Note Wednesdays, when we put the spotlight on acoustic jazz. Every Wednesday from 6:30-9:30 PM, some of Boston’s best musicians provide a live jazz soundtrack for our classic cocktails and expertly curated wine list.

Whole Note Wednesdays currently features one of the finest jazz trios in Boston, the Blake Newman Group, featuring Blake Newman on bass, Tom West on piano, and Mike Connors on drums. The trio’s masterful playing provides a perfect backdrop for conversation, but more than a few guests end up focusing completely on the music.

More Music at the Liberty Hotel

Whole Note Wednesdays are only part of our musical makeup here at the Liberty Hotel. Our Liberty Affairs program also brings the blues to Boston on Major Mondays (6 to 9 PM; seasonal) and features first-rate DJ sets on Beat Weekends (Friday and Saturday nights beginning at 10 PM). Don’t forget! Our special events are always available to hotel guests & Boston locals alike.

We hope you’ll join us for some classic jazz stylings on Whole Note Wednesdays in the Liberty Bar, as well as the many other events available through Liberty Affairs. From delicious food to live entertainment, we look forward to making your visit to Boston and the trendy Beacon Hill neighborhood one to remember!

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