July 19, 2018

July 2018 Champagne Dinner

Some people think that bubbles are only for special occasions, but what they don’t realize is that sparkling wine is actually one of the most versatile styles around, pairing perfectly with everything from French fries to dessert. And while Champagne often gets most of the glory, there are multiple varieties of sparkling wine that are just as delicious.

Champagne gets its delicious depth and warm brioche notes from the process by which it’s made: the secondary fermentation, which is what creates the bubbles, takes place in the bottle. The finished wine takes on the characteristics of the yeast that’s used to complete this process, giving Champagne those toasty nuances that we all love. But many other wines also use this process, including Cava, from Spain, Franciacorta, from Italy, and even Crémants from other parts of France.

Another well-known sparkler, Prosecco, is made using the “charmat” method, in which the secondary fermentation takes place in a large steel tank. This leads to a crisper, lighter taste, and, because it’s less labor-intensive, a more affordable price point.

If you’re hoping to further your sparkling wine education, join us at CLINK on Friday, July 27 for the Champagne and sparkling wine edition of our outdoor dinner series. This four-course event will introduce you to the world of sparkling wine in all sorts of settings, deliciously paired with dishes from Executive Chef Daniel Kenney. Enjoy an outdoor reception in our private courtyard, followed by a seated dinner. Each course will highlight a unique aspect of the specially selected wine, and Chef Kenney and our guest sommelier will introduce their pairings, helping you to learn the principles of balancing flavors for yourself.

We hope you’ll join us for this exciting exploration of the world of sparkling wine and gourmet food!

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Dinner

Friday, July 27



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