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Curling in Boston, MA at The Liberty

Winter is coming to Boston, but that doesn’t mean the end of outdoor events at the Liberty Hotel!

If you were captivated by curling, the Scottish sport that involves pushing huge granite stones across an icy rink, during the last Winter Olympics, you’re not alone. Search engine results show that our interest in the quirky pastime skyrockets every time it appears on our televisions, and with good reason: curling is unlike anything else at the Games. While it looks somewhat like shuffleboard, the sport is nicknamed “chess on ice” because of the intense calculations and strategy involved in its complex scoring system.

There might not be any Olympics this year, but beginning on November 12, guests and visitors to the Liberty will be able to take part in this unique game by playing a round on our iceless outdoor rink! Groups of two or four will push our eight synthetic stones, which are lighter than the traditional granite ones, toward the “house,” or target, at the other end of the court.

The games, which last about thirty minutes, are the perfect length to enjoy the outdoors before ducking into CLINK. for our special “après-curling” menu. Executive Chef Daniel Kenney has created some hearty winter options that will help shake off any post-curling chill, like our shishito pepper tempura with spicy kewpie mayo, and heritage pork meatballs with roasted tomato sugo. Our seasonal cocktail menu is also getting into the spirit with several curling-themed options. Sip on The Bonspiel, a New England hot mulled cider steeped with baking spices, or The Stone’s Throw, made with bourbon, sherry, vermouth, black walnut syrup, and Angostura bitters.

If you’re looking for a fun, unusual way to spend the evening with friends, look no further than curling at the Liberty Hotel. We’ll see you on the court!

Complimentary curling will be offered on Mondays and Wednesdays (November – February) from 4pm – 8pm, weather permitting.

Reservations can be booked via or 617- 224-4004. Walk-ins welcome.

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